Heat Pump

A technology designed

for the Canadian climates

Zuba-Central will ensure your comfort during the coldest days and nights of winter. The Mitsubishi Electric heat-pump for cold climates is designed as a central heater to meet the rigorous demands of our Canadian climate. An ecological and more efficient alternative to the fossil fuel system, all in one.

What is a heat pump?

A system for cold climates that provides an excellent heating efficiency during winter and that effortlessly cools your house in the summer. If the temperature rises inside, the heat-pump acts like an air conditioner. On the contrary, if the temperature decreases, the cycle is reversed and the system functions like a heating unit. In heating mode, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from outside and uses it to heat the interior of the house, even in winter.

The advantages of Zuba-Central:

  • Maintains a warm environment even when the outdoor temperature drops as low as -30 °C*. It will continue to work at 100% of its heating capacity even at -15 °C, guaranteeing indoor comfort, no matter the conditions outside.
  • Easy installation in new ducts and existing ducts.
  • Ranked as one of the most effective, energy efficient residential heating systems.
  • No louder than a light rain.
  • Ecological and efficient technology that allows homeowners to save on energy costs without giving up their comfort.
  • Affordable alternative to geothermal energy.

* Include tolerance. Models MXZ-4C36NAHZ2, MXZ-5C42NAHZ2, MXZ-8C48NAHZ2, PUZ-HA24NHA1, PUZ-HA30/36NKA, PUZ-HA42NKA1 can operate down to -30°C and beyond, depending on conditions. *When installed and registered by a MEQ certified HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Installer. Certain conditions, restrictions and/or limitations apply. See warranty terms and conditions for complete details. 

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    Our ductless products can allow you to save up to 50% per year* on energy compared to conventional heating systems.


    Our technology will ensure the perfect temperature in your home.


    With the 10-year** Mitsubishi Electric warranty.

    **When installed by a MEQ certified HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Contractor. Certain conditions, restrictions and/or limitations apply. See warranty terms and conditions for complete details.

    *Based on a 2014 study from Ressources naturelles Canada that compared heating with electric baseboards versus with a heat-pump. The potential savings can vary depending on the type of equipment, personal lifestyle, temperature regulation of the system, equipment maintenance and its installation.

    They chose Mitsubishi Electric

    “I am very happy with my new heat pump. Whether it is hot or cold, the indoor temperature is always perfect. I am also very satisfied with the advice provided by the Authorized Dealer, his professionalism, and the impeccable and courteous service.”

    -Pierre Jolicoeur, Quebec

    “My new Mitsubishi heat pump is perfect. It’s powerful but quiet. It’s a quality product that I definitely don’t regret buying for my house.”

    -Harry Brown, Halifax